Which cruise line would be best for an Inside Alaska cruise?

Question by timandrea27103: Which cruise line would be best for an Inside Alaska cruise?
My husband and I are planning our first cruise in May to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We will be departing from Seattle and taking the 7 day inside passage tour to Alaska. I have narrowed it down to Norwegian, Princess, and Holland America because they are the online lines to travel to Glacier Bay. Does anyone have any experience with these lines and can possibly recommend one over the others?

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Answer by Parson Brown
I went on the Norwegian Sun. I would recommend it. Food was great and I like the Flexible plan for that. I recommend the Professor on board who gives the daily lectures, I saw his presentation on Captain Cook and the native peoples too. I even saw the Palin family trampoline on the lawn of the Governors’ Mansion!

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7 Responses to Which cruise line would be best for an Inside Alaska cruise?

  1. Dana says:

    Not Carnival’s because that’s more of a kids cruise ship. I would say Royal Caribbean or Holland America. One time I went on a cruise to Alaska on the Princess and it wasn’t as fun because it didn’t have many activities. Holland America is expensive but when I saw that cruise ship pass by mine, I thought I saw the Holland America have a glass elevator where you can see out into the ocean.

  2. T.S.RAKESH says:


  3. rick d says:

    Great choice for a cruise. Congrats on 10 years. I have cruised to Alaska over 25 times. All lines pretty much much stop at the same ports of call. I have cruised Norwegian Princess & Holland. Enjoyed each. Besides prices & activities Holland had better food. But, have cruised with the others many times since. It really comes down to what you like. Alaska is mainly seeing the wildlife, scenery and for your first cruise the experience and you will will also meet some Amazing people from all over.
    The best tip I can offer you is to take a cab from the airport to ship. Seattle Airport is very nice however the cruise lines (all) gather the people in one area to wait for buses. It gets crowded & noisy. A Cab with tip is $50.00 for 2 & takes 20 minutes or less.
    Enjoy. Also going in May on a cruise tour.

  4. Mary says:

    Princess and Holland America have both been considered top notch for Alaska. I have sailed on both and highly recommend both.

  5. timetravler says:

    Princess is number 1
    I have gone to Alaska 2 times with my 3rd sailing in May, also with Princess. I would not have stayed with Princess if they were not good. But they are better then good, they are great. The food is exceptional, cabins are clean and comfortable activities are numerous and for us it is just right.

  6. TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only says:

    I’ll just put my vote in for Princess because we did Princess to Alaska and it was great. But you cannot go wrong with Holland America or Royal Caribbean either. Been on their ships too!!

  7. Ship Mate Rh says:

    Norwegian Cruise Line is the best to go with. My favorite ship is the Norwegian Star. Also they have great deals. The crew is also great and they never say no.