help please find boat ferry from alaska to seatle?

Question by Garret L: help please find boat ferry from alaska to seatle?
ok im tryin to go from anchorage alaska, to seattle washington by boat. not a cruz ship im not tryin to go site seeing. im trying to transport a car from alaska to the lower 48 without goin through canada. so if you can find website of prices for two peaple and one car please provide

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i just looked up the info. you can do the same.

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  1. msgjas says: and
    are just two websites; google and find more.

  2. Fishing Girl says:

    No problem. Just take the Alaska Marine Highway, a government owned ferry boat that you can drive your car right onto.

    It is inexpensive and can take you right to seattle. is the website for the ferry.

  3. littlemissknowitall says:

    When you look at the Alaska Marine Highway system web site, see if there are any ferries that are going from Seward to Juneau. Call the toll free number and ask, too. There is not regular service, but sometimes there will be a ferry to take legislators from Juneau to Anchorage, or a ferry that is headed to Ketchikan or Seattle to be worked on.
    If you are just trying to transport your car, try Lyndon Transport or SeaLand and see if you can put your car on a barge as freight to Seattle. Then, you can fly.