How should I go about moving to Alaska?

Question by jacob: How should I go about moving to Alaska?
I am planning on moving to Alaska in the next couple of months and I don’t know what to do about all of my stuff. I want to bring my drum set and my car, but I really don’t wanna risk my life driving up there in my 1988 Honda Accord. I am going to fly and don’t know how to get that stuff up there. Any suggestions on how to get up there?

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Answer by Glacierwolf
You don’t want to bring anything you do not absolutly need. Heated storage here is pretty expensive.

Your 20 year old Honda has no business here. Sell it, buy a new vehicle with either all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. Buy a nice new vehicle where you are now – the same rig will cost 00 more here. The only people here who drive normal cars usually have a beefed up 4X4 in the driveway also for bad snowy days. This is a place where SUV is a need – not a luxury.

You cannot get major repair parts for old cars up here. Period. Your Honda dies – it stays dead. There are no infinite junk yards or discount foreign discount parts stores. YOU are responsible for finding the parts and getting them to your mechanic. There is no sense paying ,000 a year in repair bills to keep a 0 car running!! Everybody here buys new cars every few years because the cost of repair is so high, and, if your car breaks down in the wrong place you will freeze to death or loose parts of your body to frostbite.

Right now 50% of the gas stations in Canada along the Alcan highway are closed. In many places you will need to either chain up, or, wait a few days for the weather and roads to clear. Not a smart time to drive.

For the things you really need to send up – box them up and drive to a moving company. Best if you can fit it into a nice sturdy crate or white plastic container tote. They will ship them up here for you – probably go to Seattle and then by barge to Anchorage – this takes about 3 weeks but is by far the absolute least expensive way to go.

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