Q&A: What’s the best travel agent for an alaska cruise?

Question by William B: What’s the best travel agent for an alaska cruise?
Want to go on alaska cruise. Someone said we should use a travel agent. Can anyone recommend the best travel agent for an alaska cruise? Thanks!

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Answer by RzrLens
Try The Cruise Line Ltd. I have used them twice now and I love them. They are an online travel agent but they will beat any price you find, so shop around first and then book with them. You’ll get one on one service over the phone, and they are very knowledgeable. Their website is listed below. I’ve also listed several sites that are good for checking out prices.

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  1. rick d says:

    A travel agent is not needed. You can book with the cruise line direct and get the same deal. If only going for a 7 day cruise then either Norwegian.com or Princess.com have the best fares. If thinking of a cruisetour then just Pricess offers then overall deal. I have been to Alaska on 10 cruises and only used a travel agent once. Most travel agents only know what they are told or read. The cruise lines runs the cruises.

  2. mababischkin says:

    Call Cruise Planners at 888-286-9827 or http://www.mycruiseplanner.net

    Very knowledgeable and experienced with Alaska cruises. They’re familiar with all of the offerings to Alaksa and don’t charge any service fees.

    Even if you don’t go with Cruise Planners, at the very least go to an agent that specializes in cruises as opposed to an agent that does it all. That specialization will benefit you!

  3. riteon says:

    We booked our cruise to Alaska through Triple A. I did my homework on the Internet first to have an idea what it would cost. Then went and found an agent at Triple A, her price was the same as any deal I could get over the Internet, actually better because she gave us $100 credit on board the ship. I thought going through a agency would give us more protection and guidance if something went wrong, versus a name over the Internet.
    The Alaskan Cruise was the best vacation we have ever been on. I recommend it to everyone as something you have to do before you leave this earth.

  4. Klondike John says:

    Alaska is not to be missed!!! You have numerous options to cruise and tour Alaska. You can Cruise only or combine with a land and sea package depending on how much time you have. There are a ton of companies going to Alaska; some good and some better. I would recommend a combined Cruise/Tour. You came all the way North to Alaska, you might as well see it! Plan anywhere from 12 to 14 days for a package deal. Cruise only will take a week. Check the listed web sites for ideas to start.

  5. tech_fanatic says:

    It kind of depends on what you want to do, i.e. local or online I have used my travel agent for years now and would never plan a vacation without one. Personally, I feel it is the best bet that you will get everything you want out of your vacation. So many problems can occur when you book directly on your own that you may not notice. However, if you have a travel agent that deals with this every day, they will be able to spot the problems and fix them. There have been many instances with my family where the travel company, i.e. Princess, Cunard, Disney, etc. did something incorrectly and I could have been charged a fee or something but my agent was able to fix it and get the fee waived. Something that I can almost guarentee I would not have been able to do. My agent deals with these companies daily and is able to get more than I can.

    Plus, most of the time an agent is going to offer you a lower rate than going directly. For example, agents can book group rates that will offer you lower rates, they may offer special upgrades to get a better category/cabin, onboard credit, etc. these are special incentives that the agents are offerred by the cruise line that the cruise line may not offer directly to clients.

    Since 90% of the time I save money or get the same rate with my agent, I see no other reason to book it myself. Less problems, worries, hassels etc. everything is taken care of for me and I get a ton of service for no extra charge.

    There are a lot of options for who to book with. I can’t recommend you to a local agent since I don’t know where you live and everything, but I use an online agency and they are really great. My agent is wonderful and I have never once questioned booking with her. I’ve included a link to the agency site for you to look at. Whichever agency you choose, just be sure that you are going with a good agency, there are some out there just trying to earn your business but don’t do a good job like some of the others. And my biggest suggestion is to stay away from sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline and places like Sams Club, if you go this way you are much safer booking on your own, but that is a whole nother story.

    Good luck with your planning. Alaska is a great cruise, one of my favorites. If you are looking at lines, I would check Princess they have had the best Alaskan cruise I have been on yet!

  6. angerina says:

    If you decide to use a travel agent, know whom you are dealing with! Some cruise agents are very competent; others may have been selling stereos or aluminum siding over the telephone six months ago. The problem is, for the most part, you will have no real way of discerning which is which.

    Local travel agents or otherwise self-appointed cruise experts frequently read the cruise ship line PR veneer right out of the catalog. Often this turns out to be nothing more than selling you the standard discount for booking that is available to virtually anyone off the so-called brochure rate.

    The result is that you think you’re getting one of Kathie Lee’s fantasy cruises. What you find yourself on is a garish neon nightmare of a ship filled with people whose idea of a good time is drinking, partying, and then waking you up at 3AM as they boisterously announce their arrival back to their room–all right outside of your cabin.

    For sure, this is the idea of a roaring good time for some–but the point is KNOW WHAT YOU ARE REALLY BUYING! There are many significant points and nuances that can differentiate between an OK trip, and one that falls short for the money you spend.

    Many travel or cruise agencies often offer “special discounts”. This is a common travel agency ploy to offer promotional deals that frequently focus on a special “cruise night.” You may get a mailing or perhaps there is an ad in the local newspaper. You go in, are met and greeted, enjoy punch and free cookies, and view a dreamy cruise video.

    Keep in mind that this is intended to appeal to a strong emotional purchase decision. Experts about the Psychology of selling relate this experience to what any top car salesperson knows. In the dealer’s showroom, if you can get the potential customer behind the wheel to experience the “smell of the new car” and the fantasy of pulling it into the driveway–you’ve likely already made a sale!

    For more information about this part of A Word About Travel Agents, please refer to Karen Brown’s definitive guide to Vacation Cruising at http://www.klikks.com/guide_cruise

  7. julia says:

    In todays age of the internet I think purchasing travel through mom and pop agencies and even some of the big one like cruise planners is like paying money to them to point you out to a cruise line…they make soooo much commission from their sales and place you in a crummy cabin. honestly i think you should book direct or go through a big search engine like expedia or travelocity…. you don’t need to pay someone for advice on cruises.