What ferry Can I take to go to kodiak Alaska?

Question by Lilly: What ferry Can I take to go to kodiak Alaska?
I am in texas, and have a job in kodiak alaska. I am trying to figure out what city can i take a ferry directly to kodiak. is it seattle? thanks

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Answer by littlemissknowitall
Go to the Alaska Marine Highway System web site and look at the schedule for Kodiak.
from the web….
“The Alaska Marine Highway System provides passenger and vehicle service to Kodiak and Port Lions aboard the M/V Tustumena or the M/V Kennicott from Homer or Whittier. Staterooms, full-service dining rooms, solarium and public shower are available. Make reservations well in advance, particularly if you plan to bring a vehicle. For reservations, call 800-642-0066. Also see the Alaska Marine Highway listing in the business directory for more information. ”

I don’t think that you can take a ferry from Washington State. What you can do, if you have a car, is ferry from Bellingham to Haines, then drive to Homer or Whittier. If you are not bringing a car, it will probably be cheaper to fly. If you are thinking that you want to bring a lot of stuff, like in your car or pulling a trailer, compare the cost of putting it on the ferry with sending it with a freight company from Seattle. There are freight consolidators who will ship your belongings by barge to Kodiak. Your best bet is to talk to whoever is hiring you and ask them for advice.

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  1. girls luv camping 2 says:

    check this link for a ferry from Bellingham, Washington to Kodiak, Alaska

  2. Glacierwolf says:

    I live in Alaska and have spent 6 years on Kodiak Island. You will love the place.

    In the past – the Kodiak ferry has originated from either Homer or Seward – and from these two ports you can expect 7-9 runs per week. These ferries also some of the smaller towns along the way – just not as many times a week as Kodiak, hence all the differences in voyage durations you will see on schedules. Seward is a 70 minute drive from Anchorage, and Homer is more like 4-5 hour drive depending one roads and in summer, how many motor homes you have to pass.

    The Alaska Marine Highway web site is accessable from the main state of Alaska web site. This is where you want to get all your information.

    There are ferries that go from Washington state to Alaska on the Alaska Marine Highway system – but – they stop at all sorts of other places, are kinda expensive – and you would be a fool not to book a stateroom. A few times a month these make the ‘Milk Run’ and continue on from Haines to Cordova, Seward, Homer, and then to Kodiak. This can be a long dull voyage.

    My advice. Drive the Alcan highway to Alaska and grab the ferry from Homer or Seward to Kodiak. You will love the drive, the road has lots of new pavement, and there is lots to see and enjoy. If you hate driving, then grab the feery from Washington State to Haines – then drive from Haines to Seward or Homer – you can do this in 12-14 hours – or take your time and do it in a day and half.

    You really do not want to be on the ferry from Haines to Kodiak – this is allot of open ocean and you can spend allot of time miseable and seasick. Even if you do not get seasick – walking into a mens room with everyone retching in all the toilets and the urinals ain’t gonna help. Cabins are expensive on this trip.

    Hope this helps